Bloomington Township
Grant County, Wisconsin

This land was settled around 1831 by Page Blake. From him the country about took the name of “Blake’s Prairie".        


Serenity on Dugway Road


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Up coming Meetings & Information

1. The next Bloomington Township Regular Monthly Board Meeting will be Monday August 5th at 7:00 pm at the Bloomington Township Hall. If there is a topic that you would like to discuss with the Board, please contact the Clerk to be put on the Agenda.

2. The Township's new Assessors, Gardiner, will be holding an introductory meeting before the September regular monthly board meeting.  They will discuss the Township's total revaluation which will start January 1st, 2020 and their assessing procedures.  If you have any question or concerns regarding the reval, please plan on attending this meeting so your questions can be answered.  

Recycling Dump Site

The Bloomington Township recycling dump site is open on Wednesday afternoons from noon to 4:00 pm, and on Saturdays from 8:00 am to noon. Please remember to sort &recycle your garbage. This Dump site is for the Bloomington Township residents use only. The complete Township Recycling Ordinance can be found under the Ordinance icon.

Looking ahead to the 2020 Elections

In 2020, four elections are scheduled. They are: Spring Primary on 02/18; Spring Election & Presidential Preference Primary on 04/07; Partisan Primary on 08/11; and the General Election 11/03.  Visit for more information                                                   

Township Zoning Laws and Ordinances

1. We were informed by the Grant County Conservation, Sanitation and Zoning Dept that building projects in a Floodplain, Shoreland, and/or Comprehensive Zoning area require a zoning permit.  The Township of Bloomington adopted a Comprehensive Zoning plan back in 2009 by the Comprehensive Zoning Plan Committee, therefore several small areas within the Township are zoned as residential. These areas include land on Mississippi Lane, Walnut Bluff Road, Jays Landing, and Hoffman Lane.

Zoning permits for structures include but not limited to: barns, agricultural buildings, silos, houses, cabins, garages, pole sheds, garden sheds, semi-truck boxes, signs, retaining walls, decks, patios and fences.  Before building, you must contact the Grant County CSZ Department and the Township's building inspector, Brad Smrcina.  Failure to contact these people could delay your building project.  If you have any questions before you start a project, please call the Township Clerk for further information. 


3. An Alcohol Control Ordinance has been passed for the Township. To read the Ordinance, click on the Ordinances Icon above. 

Burning in the Township

Bloomington Township does not have an Ordinance concerning burning, but it is regulated by the Town Board.  Before you start a fire to burn a large pile or area, the Town Board strongly urges you to call and inform our local fire chief, Tom Hoffman of the Bloomington Fire Department and the Grant County Sheriff's Department the location and timing of the  burn. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Thank you! 

About Us

Bloomington Township Website

This website was created to provide a quick, easy and convenient way for the Bloomington Township residents and landowners to access town board meeting notices and agendas, meeting minutes and other important Bloomington Township information via computer, tablet or cell phone.

Bloomington Township Members & Contractors

Greg Patterson - Chairman 

William Erdenberger - Supervisor I

Joseph Kirschbaum - Supervisor II

Mary Sue White - Treasurer 

Jane Patterson - Clerk 

Andrew (Buck) Crubel - Full time patrolman

Tim Wagner & Bart White - Part-time patrolmen

Fred Plondke - Sanitation Officer

Angela Adams - Assessor

Brad Smrcina - Building Inspector

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Bloomington Township Garage/Hall

Location address: 534 Hwy 35, Bloomington, WI 53804

Phone: 608-994-2297


*Mailing Address: Bloomington Township, %Jane Patterson-Clerk, 10486 Aspen Road, Bloomington, WI 53804 

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